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Engaging Talent was created in order to bring a personal approach to creative recruiting.

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Rita Armstrong

Rita Armstrong becomes an integral part of the hiring process by limiting the number of companies she contracts with, cultivating long term relationships, and providing constructive feedback to both clients and candidates.  Recruiting in this manner allows her to understand the inner workings of a company. She delves into what designers and design managers want out of their next move, so clients only receive resumes of those whose creative process and ideals align with their own. The process is personal, targeted, and effective.


Rita recruits talent for Advertising Agencies, Branding Firms (both Corporate and Consumer), Corporations, and Digital Shops. She sources talent for creative hires at all levels from junior to senior creative management. She is known for her tenacity as well as her low-pressure approach to helping companies find the creative resources they need to be successful. 


Rita has been a creative recruiter for over 20 years sourcing talent for print, digital, corporate, and consumer branding. A good portion of those years were spent learning the ropes from the mother of all creative recruiting, Roz Goldfarb. Rita is graduate of Fordham University. She speaks at conferences, and colleges, addressing issues ranging from the art of nurturing collaboration in a corporation, to what a graduate can expect to face in their job hunt, and what tools and techniques can help them attain the career they desire.


P: +1 212 599 3519 | M: +1 646 470 5778 |

Engaging Talent LLC, 33 West 19th Street, Suite 426 New York, NY 10011

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